Lucky Patcher Apk For Android 2018 – Download Latest Version V7.3.8

Now get Lucky Patcher in your smartphones. It is an android application tool which provides free in-app purchases from android apps and games where you can used in Android smartphones. In google play store it will is the inbuilt android application which enables the users to download all the original versions of Lucky Patcher app. Later on they will be manipulated by the APK Files. On this we can modify the size of the apps. The accept modifications in audio or camera settings so such as they will increasing or decreasing volume for a desirable output. In this Lucky Patcher APK we can find additional functions where you can spend at times, lead to a flatter browsing experience.

Lucky Patcher apk for Android – Download Latest Version 7.3.8


In Lucky Patcher APK for Android, It allows various modded APKs from all the games which are installed on your Smartphone. To get free App purchases, free gems, remove ads from games, disable license verification, god modes, Level emulation, and a lot more in Lucky Patcher APK. When we talk about smartphones. In android application can check the app which you got is a license or fake, the size of the app, new updates of a particular application, So all these features are available in Lucky Patcher APK

How does Lucky Patcher App work for Android?

The Lucky Patcher will works on the principle which is either to replace the original code which is going to be modified. Or in some cases the need to get the required features. To remover all the License verification with the help of Lucky Patcher. They all remove the reaming part of the code which is written to check License from the app. The main backbone for the Custom Patches are manually made for each app and game. The reason for this for Lucky Patcher why bypassing license of the verification works only on 50% of cases. But dont feel tensed. to solve your problem. Now you can getlucky patcher app in Android google play store. Lucky patcher app on your Android device is to follow the given steps below strictly. So here below are some features and also step by step process to get Lucky Patcher on your Android platforms.

Introduction Process Of Lucky Patcher apk for Android

Lucky Patcher APK is the main developed by the guy called “ChelpuS.” Who is incredibly talented and continues to update the latest app on these days. He is also one of the founders in modded Play Store which they allows for the users to install hacked apps, and even unlicensed APKs and more variety of Android apps for sure.


Lucky Patcher should able to gain and to apply custom patches, which they should increase the enable level and purchase emulation for tons of offline games. Lucky Patcher allow you to install system apps, which is as various incredibly crucial for looking which has been used in advanced game hacking techniques, such data and database modding, advanced memory editing, fake GPS data, messing with the Android system clock and moreover.

Features of Lucky Patcher App:

  • Lucky Patcher For Android is more effortless to use.
  • The lucky patcher will be a load on your device. And the google ads will be shown in the list.
  • You want to select Lucky Patcher app and choose further options.
  • Google advertisement can easily block with the lucky patcher.
  • By using this app in efficiently prevent all the purchases and license verification.
  • You need not root the device to remove License Verification. So then you can use Lucky Patcher No root Apk.
  • The Lucky Patcher is an unwanted app for the permissions and no root required for this action as well as.
  • It makes Backup for all the apps which were installed on your devices.
  • There are different patching options available according to your requirements.

Lucky Patcher App File Info

Name Lucky Patcher
Current Version Version 7.3.6
Price Free
Size 6.76 MB
Developer ChelpuS
Rating 4.8/5
Requirement Android 2.3+

Lucky Patcher App Requirements

Lucky Patcher requires the Android device to be Rooted. Non-rooted devices may lose some of the advantages of LP app.
Lucky Patcher needs RAM of at least 2GB to function correctly.
Free internal Storage of 10GB is required for the Lucky Patcher app.
The Android phone you are using must be of a smarter version- 2.3.3+(Gingerbread and above). It also works efficiently on Windows 7/8 and 10

Step by Step Procedure to Install Lucky Patcher for Android:

  1. First of all Download Lucky Patcher APK
  2. Now Tap to install Lucky Patcher App.
  3. Once the Installation Completes, Open the application and enter your phone number.
  4. Your process is completed!
  5. Now you are ready to Play with Lucky Patcher app on your Android devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there another way to hack Android Games for NO ROOT using Lucky Patcher?

Yes, it is possible to create modded APKs using Lucky Patcher APK

How to Remove License Verification

  • Go to google play store and download
  • After installation will be finished, open lucky patcher and click the application icon and hit “Remove License Verification”
  • In your screen you can see and select “Auto Mode” or “Auto Mode (Inverse)” or “Extreme Auto mode”
  • Then may remove all license verification.
  • And enjoy your new app.

Conclusion: Lucky Patcher is very simple and handy to saves your data by cloning it so that you don’t lose it. Also, it is very beneficial for your smartphones for favorite among hackers. Lucky Patcher provides a composite package to cater all your needs.

Lucky Patcher iOS and iPhone – Download Latest lucky Patcher App 2018

Lucky Patcher for iOS – Playing Games on iOS or any other Apple Devices where you can have Lucky Patcher app with an unlimited free purchase and also with various special freebies. The excitement of playing games when you are in free time is one of the top matches where you can know of getting where you can get level as all things you have to buy which as to be taken already. There is much application with google ads which they will get annoy us to where we can block or disable them. Exciting sounds where you want for Lucky Patcher with iPhone and all iOS devices? Now guess what will happen, We had provided the downloading link of Lucky Patcher for iPhone within few steps. Hence we had provided in simple steps for downloading on your Apple devices with various features.

It is a top-rated app for Hacking applications and games, remove stock or system apps, remove app permissions, etc. Due to that, there is no official Lucky Patcher App for iOS devices or iPhone. In many of the sites, they may claim to wish to modify an application. Lucky Patcher for iOS is one of the most useful Applications which they will allow users to change any App or Game on your iOS device. But it is recommended for before applying the patch; it’s also advised to back up the application! If you understand how to use it is going to be a great application.

Download Lucky Patcher iOS and iPhone Devices 2018


The genuinely enjoy the employing lucky patcher. They will have to locate the luck to your entertainment with more boring apps with various games. Lucky Patcher is principally made for multiple Android platforms running devices. Lucky Patcher is a more efficient application where you can understand how to use the app in a user-friendly way. If you wish to have this application for Android and iPhone then you’ve landed on the suitable Website.

Things to Do before You can Use Lucky Patcher on iPhone

To run Lucky Patcher on iPhone before trying the unique setting where you can enhance functions which are suitable for your device. In mobile android phones, you need to prepare, and they will follow the tips diligently. So this is what you need to install and download Lucky Patcher. Mainly you need the iOS platform devices that can quickly work with Lucky Patcher for iPhone.

Lucky Patcher Features

  • Modify apps to block or toads from Lucky Patcher apps.
  • Hack many games, unlocks features, gems, unlimited life
  • Remove app which is not permissions for untrusted apps to avoid errors.
  • Uninstall the latest system or various stock apps with the help of Lucky Patcher.
  • Backup regular Android applications and Smartphone games to your SD card. Easily.
  • Backup patched with various apps and games.
  • Lucky Patcher can stop the license verification and app purchase of premium apps and games.

Lucky Patcher App In iOS

Application Name: Lucky Patcher
Developer: Lucky Studio
Version: 6.5.9
Categories: Utilities
Languages: English
Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later

How to download Lucky Patcher for iOS?

The installation process which is quite more comfortable for iOS apps. The iPhone with various security warning’s that we would come across during the installation process. Once you download the Lucky Patcher For iOS device, then you can have access to editing the apps present on your device.

  • To install Lucky patcher for iOS platforms mainly we need to download the iPadian app from the store.


  • Downloading these type of apps on your iOS device. iPadian is another store.
  • Open the iPadian app and click on search then find the install button.
  • You will be asked to enter iCloud id and password.
  • Wait until the Lucky Patcher app gets installed on your device and tap on the Lucky Patcher app.
  • Then you will be the real administrator of your device.
  • Hence installation and download of Lucky Patcher app are finished, and you can customize any feature you want for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lucky Patcher have any iOS Version?

Lucky Patcher is a top-rated app where it can be applied to all iOS versions.

How to hack premium in-app purchases?

After downloading and installing Lucky Patcher app in your iOS platforms, you need to launch the app by clicking on the app icon from the menu.

Conclusion: I am very pretty to inform how to download Lucky Patcher app on your iOS devices. Hope you are now fully aware Of knowing lucky patcher and its features. Follow the given step-by-step guides to download Lucky Patcher app for Android and iOS. If you face any error or issue which following the steps, then feel free to comment below.

Lucky Patcher for PC Laptops Windows [7/8/10] | Download Lucky Patcher 2018

Are you using the windows system? What version are you using? Is it windows 7, windows 8.1 or windows 10? Do you have the smart phone with windows interface? You must be using variety of apps in this process. It is quite depressing hen the app that you need is of premium category and you need to pay for it. The Lucky Patcher for PC is the wonderful formula that cracks your premium apps. Buying the apps on a regular basis will be quite expensive. Thus, the common people would require something that helps to complete their work in cheaper way. The good news is, you don’t need to invest anything on the premium apps when you have Lucky Patcher for PC.

Download Lucky Patcher for PC Laptops and Windows [7/8.1/10]


If you wish to get all the premium apps completely free of cost, downloading the lucky patcher is an important factor. This is article; we will state the complete procedure of downloading the lucky patcher easily in your PC. Some people stay that Mac OS restricts many applications or software. As a result, you may have confusion of whether you will be in a state of downloading the lucky patcher on your Mac OS. But, the good news is the fact that, you can install this app in your apple device also.

Explore the features of lucky patcher

The Lucky Patcher for PC comes with variety of features. Following are some of them:

  • This can easily patch all the apps in your device.
  • There is no need to root your device to operate the lucky patcher.
  • Analysing all the apps that you have downloaded is easy with the help of Lucky Patcher for PC.
  • You will also get a notification from the patcher about the apps which you have is filled with ads.
  • You can keep the backup of all the apps in your file manager.
  • The Lucky Patcher for PC also have the capacity of removing all the irritating google ads from your apps
  • You can also remove the license verification as well as the app purchase verification through this patcher. The act of blocking is also possible.
  • The patching option can be carried on manually as well.

How to download lucky patcher in your laptop?

It is quite easy to download lucky patcher App in your system and use it exactly in the way you wish. If you install this app on your PC, it will be quite easy to operate your android device from the PC. It is also very important to know that, one cannot install the patcher directly on the Mac or windows 10. Make a note that, you need to install the android emulator to do the same.

Steps For downloading Lucky Patcher:

To install the lucky patcher, you need to download the blue stacks. Following are the step by step process:

  • You must open the bluestacks which you have recently downloaded on your PC.


  • Now, just go to the search bar and type ‘lucky patcher’.
  • You can find it in the list of apps.
  • Now, click the install option and it will be automatically downloaded in your PC. But, it is also important to note that, installation process will take a long time.
  • Now go to bluestacks again and look at the downloaded apps menu.
  • You can also open the lucky patcher and go ahead with enjoyment of app.

The premium apps can be easily installed with the app named as the lucky patcher. This is quite easy to download it for your PC. Just follow the step by step instruction and it will be done.

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